About Alderwood Softball

We are located in Alderwood, a district of Toronto. We have been around since 1949, over sixty-five years and have been the home for many children in Etobicoke to play softball.

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1975 new updates posted

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2005 HL T-Ball player list (no photos)

No Frills Coaches: Linda Regan, Glen Hartley

Emma Mckenzie, Cade Koski-Argus, Erin Boriska, Madison Yates, Owen Frey, Gruffydd Hughes, Tyriek Mcgill-Cullin, Aakash Patel, Taye Saldeba, Calum Slapnicar, Kimberley Hughes

Mamma Martino’s
Coaches: John Bishop, Asan Spahiu

Austin Cormier, Thomas Cmelo, Daniel Logiaco, Thomas Bishop, Nickey Cormier, Noah Cormier, Lucus Markovic, Avery Shorter, Daniel Watson, Kendra Frizzell, Kloe Arruda

Alderwood Dental
Coaches: Tracy Gaudett, Andrew Frederikse

Adam Chevarie, Dylan Segovia, Bradley MacLennan, Alexander Del Frari, Keegan Frederikse, Ben Gallo, Jozef Grygorcewicz, Lin Kearney, Lia Pill, Jesse Gaudett, Ryan Gulielmello

Longbranch Animal Clinic
Coaches: Jason Clark, Charlotte Grymek

David Earle, Thomas Earle, Ethan Clark, Richard Eccles, Jacob Evans, Cameron Forsythe, Harley Kennedy, Michael Pikarchuk, Shanika Springerm, Cameron Tisshaw, Kyle Grymek

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