About Alderwood Softball

We are located in Alderwood, a district of Toronto. We have been around since 1949, over sixty-five years and have been the home for many children in Etobicoke to play softball.

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1973 All-Star Girls Peewee (Summit Realty)

(Courtesy of Cindy Williams)
Back Row (coach) Denise Hillman, Jennifer Balldok, unknown3, Kelly Nichols, Susie Petras,

Mid Row Barb Dvernchuck, Rita Robinson, unknown8, Cindy Rivet

Front Row Patty McCarthy, Candy Williams, Beth Ansell, Val Scantlebury

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1971 HL Girls Tomboy Champs

House League Champions
Named Tomboys due to lack of Sponsor
(Picture Courtesy of Yvonne Russell)
(Names Courtesy of Rita Robinson)
Back Row (coach) unknown1, unknown2, unknown3, unknown4, Patty McCarthy, Helen Lavrisa, Val Scantlebury, Rita Robinson, (coach) Sally Scantlebury

Front Row unknown10, unknown11, unknown12, Chris Sherwood, unknown14, unknown15, Nancy Rundell, unknown17

Trophies  and Crest were awarded to division champs

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2014 HL Squirts (Atlantic Liquid Meters) Champs

(Alderwood Archives)

Coaches: Manny Alexandre, Joe Pires

Back Row: Ali Azizian-Kohan, Nicholas Mochocki, Sabrina Alexandre, Michael Mochocki, Ryan MacLean Grace Pires

Front Row: Zak, Michael Pires, unknown

Absent: William Asevicius, Alyssa Mendonca, Matthew Tatchell

2014 HL Squirts (Legion 101)

(Alderwood Archives)

Coaches: Matt King, James Greig

Back Row: Jake Monteith, James Boon, Tyler Billard, Rachelle Zilavec

Front Row: Ethan Matheson, Courtney King, Daniel Wenzl,

Absent: Meghan Matthews, Thomas Zenkovich, 

2014 HL Squirts (Pulcinella Ristorante)

(Alderwood Archives)
Coaches:Steve Norman

Back Row: Georgia Millen, Ben Boccin, William Herbert, Mackynzie Fricke 

Front Row: Jayden Barlow, Mason Barlow, Liam Curran

Absent: Tanay Patel, Dylan Wilkins, Dorien Drake,


2014 HL Mites (No Frills)

(Alderwood Archives)

Coaches: Cathy Robinson, Sinead Nolan-Wallace

Players: Luka Dodig, Aiden Furse, Sarah Gosling, Gage Loughran, Kirsten Mclean, Hayley Nichols, Ella Lombardi, Christian Szczepan, Annabelle Tatchell, Tyler Douglas, Nicholas Tasikas

2014 HL Mites (Faustina Sports club) Champs

(Alderwood Archives)

Coaches: Siana Mochocki, Brian Monteith

Players: Kayden Forbes, Rylea Forbes, Jacob Johnson, Therese Mochocki, Mihir Patel, Kaycie McAdam, Kaitlyn Mclean, Maksym Sozanski, Mason Wharton, Treyvaun Wright, Emily Monteith, Sydnee Macdonald,