About Alderwood Softball

We are located in Alderwood, a district of Toronto. We have been around since 1949, over sixty-five years and have been the home for many children in Etobicoke to play softball.

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Please read "1949 the Begining" to get an insite about OUR History!

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1975 new updates posted

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2014 teams

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1975 Rep Girls Bantam

(Courtesy of Cindy Williams)
Sponsor: unknown
Back Row (coach) unknown1, unknown2, Donna Curry, Barb Dvernicuk, unknown5,(mgr) Marorie Williams, Candy Williams, Patti McCarthy, Susie Pawlowski, (coach) Bill Williams

Front Row unknown11, Cindy Rivett, unknown13, Beth Ansell, unknown15, unknown16, unknown17

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NOTE: that this photo was taken near Diamond "A". You can see "D" diamond to the left and the trail to the right. Park light standards are noticeable and have been updated in 2009.

1976 HL Boys Peewee (Ferkul Constuction)

(Courtesy of Dan Horan)

Back Row: Denis McCullough, Richard Cowland, unknown3, unknown4, (coach) unknown5

Front Row: unknown6, unknown7, Ed McMullen, Dan Horan, Pino Bowzzelli

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This picture was taken at Flintcoke Pk.
The park at this point was only used as a practice field

The Team Won the 1976 Peewee HL Playoffs

1975 HL Boys Squirts (Discount Drug Mart) champs

(Courtesy of Dan Horan)

Back Row: (coach) unknown1, unknown2, Danny May, unknown4, unknown5, unknown6, Tim May, (coach) Terry May

Front Row: unknown9, Kevin Baker, Parker McDonald, unknown, unknown, unknown, Steve Molyneax



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1975 HL Squirts Playoff Champs



1977 All-Star Boys Peewee (Bramalea Tournament) Champs


1979 Rep Boys Bantam (Ont. Champs)

(Courtesy of Dan Horan)

Back Row: (coach) John Horan, Dan Horan, Mike Wotton, Bucky Hutchison,  (coach) Bob Rose, Wade Seraduk, Rick Gombita, Phil Reid,  (coach) Larry Molyneaux

Front Row: Bob Rose, Steve White, (Bat Boy) Glen Walton, Denis Geddes, Steve Molyneaux
 1979 Bramalea Bantam Boys Champs
1979 Willowdale Bantam Boys Champs

1978 All-Star Boys Bantam

(Courtesy of Dan Horan)

Back Row: (coach) John Horan, Mark Rojotef, Fred Carrol, Graham Senior, Wade Seraduk, Buckey Huttichson, Norm Landsburg, Denis McCullough, (coach) Larry Molyneaux

Front Row: Steve Molyneaux, Bob Rose, Kenny Ford, Dan Horan, Gilbert Ayers, Scot Simic, Kieth Hill

Below is a crest from the Bramalea All-star Boys Tournament