About Alderwood Softball

We are located in Alderwood, a district of Toronto. We have been around since 1949, over sixty-five years and have been the home for many children in Etobicoke to play softball.

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1960 HL Boys PeeWee (McMann's Garage)

(Courtesy of Bill Gard)
This team photo was taken in Etobicoke Valley Park, Home of Alderwood Softball
72A Westhead Road

Unknown Coach #1,   Unknown Coach #3

Ronnie Howse #2,   Unknown #3, Danny Sheehy #4, Unknown #5, Doug Moore #6,  Bill Gard #7,  Unknown #8, Unknown #9, Unknown #10, Unknown #11

This photo was sent from Bill Gard in Halifax, NS and is one of the early photos we have in our 60s archives, Thanks Bill ! Hopefully someone will see a face they know. Please let us know !!

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1965 Select Boys Peewee (Don Colman’s Texaco ) Champs

(Courtesy of Ken McCarthy)

Etobicoke Peewee HL Champions

Back Row:  Paul Reid, Dave Ross, Bob Gard,
Steve McCarthy
Mid Row  Jack Whittier (coach), Pete Durst,
Glenn Corkum,  Fred Merritt (manager)
Front Row:  Gary Leeder,   Mike Dvernchuk,   Bill Salmon,   unknown

1960's HL Boys Squirts (Don Witt Studio) Champs

(courtesy of Ken McCarthy)

Boys Rep Champs
It is nice to see the Photographer sponsoring a team, A Champion team at that. By the looks of fashion styles and two of the boys with Buddy Holly glasses, I think this picture was from early 60’s. This may also be a Peewee team not Squirts. The Sponsor was located at 836 Brown’s Line.


Back Row (coach) unknown1, (coach) Mr Foley, unknown3, unknown4, Martin Olsen,  Mark Oliver, Dan McCarthy, Steve Collie,  (coach) unknown9

Mid Row Len Foley, Reed McDonald, Tom Hare, unknown13, Peter Bury

Front Row John Sheridan, Randy DeCaire, (trophy) Steve Wilson, unknown18

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1972 All-Star Boy's Squirts ( Knights of Columbus)

courtesy of Tony Rosato
Front Row: Michael Gillis, Terry Lesyk

Second Row: Tim Bellamy, Clinton Jardine, Peter Schlichter, Larry Glugosh, 

Third Row : Vince Dellostritto, Tony Rosato, Michael McLeod, Willy Kastelic, Michael Carr

Back Row : (coaches) Dennis Kril, Rob Cherevaty

1973 All-Star Girls Peewee (Summit Realty)

(Courtesy of Cindy Williams)
Back Row (coach) Denise Hillman, Jennifer Balldok, unknown3, Kelly Nichols, Susie Petras,

Mid Row Barb Dvernchuck, Rita Robinson, unknown8, Cindy Rivet

Front Row Patty McCarthy, Candy Williams, Beth Ansell, Val Scantlebury

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