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We are located in Alderwood, a district of Toronto. We have been around since 1949, over sixty-five years and have been the home for many children in Etobicoke to play softball.

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1972 All-Star Boy's Bantam ( Don Colman’s Texaco) Champs

(Courtesy of Yvonne Russell)

Boys Bantam All-Stars Etobicoke Champions

BACK ROW (Coach) Bryan Zimmer, Steve Repic, Steve Shaw, Dave Jackson, Kevin Midzain, Rod Favreau

CENTER  ROW Rod Rodrigas, Don MacCarone, Sweeney Kurkbright, Paul Wilson, Martin Thornell, (Coach) Jack Whittier

FRONT ROW Freddie Parente, Pete Martyinuk, Jackie Philips, Rod Teurkal, (Head Coach) Freddie Merrit

In 1972 the Alderwood Bantam Boys Select team won the Etobicoke Championship and went on to compete in the all Ontario championships in Scarborough. Note the picture above of the team and the team’s dugout witch seems to be lacking any protective cages.

In 1973 the Junior Boys rep team (17 yr old) would be the first and only Alderwood boys team to win the All Etobicoke Championship and go on to win the Ontario Amateur Softball Assoc Championship.

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  1. The Alderwood Junior Team(Harper Diesal) won the Etobicoke Championship, Toronto Championship Regional and the OASA Provincial Champions In the year 1976. It tink this year 2011 is the 35th anniversary year of the win. From the above photo the players were (Fred Merrit coach, Repic(Rep), Martiniyuk (Uke), Shaw (Yaz), Fevreau (Farmer),Phillips(Doc), Wilson(Lips)